Predictive Analytics Platform

For a global Automotive manufacturer, we created an integrated predictive analytics platform that drives revenue uplift and margin expansion through integrated Finance, Fleet, Pricing, Incentives, and Distribution decisions:

  • How do I establish a decision support platform that is integrated, automated, and trusted for analytics enterprise-wide?
  • How do I transform my culture from “gut-feel” to data-driven decisions?
  • How can I accurately predict my short- and long-term demand by vehicle and geographic area?
  • What impacts do drivers like product lifecycle, price, incentives, competitor actions, and seasonality have on my demand?
  • How do I estimate consumer response to changes in price and incentives by vehicle and geographic area?
  • Based on my strategic objectives, what is my optimal inventory and incentive budget allocations?

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Attribute-Based Pricing

A global hospitality company generated 1.2% RevPAR uplift by enhancing their existing analytics capabilities specifically for premium rooms, answering questions such as:

  • How do I estimate my customers’ willingness to pay for unique product attributes such as room views and club access?
  • What is the optimal price by product attribute and channel?
  • Given my diverse product portfolio, how do I rationalize my attribute-based price strategy to promote upselling and boost revenue?

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Integrated Optimization Platform

To optimize the supply, quality, and cost for a high-growth beverage brand, a global consumer goods manufacturer worked with Kaizen Analytix principals to deploy a business simulator on an integrated optimization platform:

  • How do I simulate the impact of different supply conditions on the quality of my finished goods as well as net landed costs?
  • How can I manage the variability in my natural raw materials to deliver a final product that delights customers with its consistency, taste, and quality?
  • How can analytics be used to predict future variations in natural raw materials and inform my supply chain decisions accordingly?
  • What are my high-risk materials and who are my high-risk suppliers?

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Revenue Management System

A premier theme park operator partnered with Kaizen Analytix to design, develop, and deploy Revenue Management capabilities, driving more revenue and margin across all park revenue streams:

  • How do I construct a Revenue Management platform that supports a variety of revenue streams with different price change frequencies, different business models, and distributed constituents?
  • How can I use prescriptive analytics to optimize prices for items for which I have no historical price change data?
  • How do I quickly gain confidence in and adoption of a science-based approach to price setting?

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